Wendy Wilcox
Wendy Wilcox
Gender Female
Died December 19, 2011 (Accidentally impaled with knives by Natara Williams)
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Eyes Brown

Wendy Wilcox, a middle-class housewife, turned "full blown psychotic". She killed her husband and his lover for cheating on her as well as Barbara Kensington for stealing her snickerdoodle recipe. Each death was made to seem like an accident. Ironically, in her attempt to murder Natara, Wendy is accidently impaled on the cutlery in a dishwasher.

Barbara Kensington

Barbara Kensington (deceased), married to Brett and mother of Randy Kensington. Barbara was found by Randy and Det. Mal Fallon with her head crushed in the garage door. Brett was cheating on her with many of the neighbours. Barbara was killed for supposedly stealing Wendy Wilcox's snickerdoodle recipe.