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Mal, Natara, and series newcomer Blaise Corso go investigate and track down the Kraken, the leader of a mysterious cult.

The Kraken is the eighth volume of Cause of Death. Regarding the various murders conducted by a secret cult, the volume is the first to feature the death of a protagonist and the arrival of main character, Blaise Corso. Chapters 2 and 3 is a side murder at a couples retreat. 


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 Tendrils Tendrils Mal, Natara, and Blaise investigate a mysterious kill... That resembles the work of the Maskmaker! February 13, 2012
2 Crimesofpassionpt1 Crimes of Passion, Part 1 Mal, Natara, Kai, and Blaise are forced to go undercover... At a couples retreat! February 21, 2012
3 Crimesofpassionpt1 Crimes of Passion, Part 2 The Broken Hearts Killer is revealed... And Mal makes a shocking confession! February 27, 2012
4 Risingtidespt1 Rising Tides, Part 1 Mal and Blaise find a clue linking the Maskmaker copycat to Genevieve... But it's Natara who puts it all together! March 5, 2012
5 Ondemand vol8chap5 Rising Tides, Part 2 Mal, Natara, and Blaise have thwarted the first wave of attacks... Now it's up to Amy to save the day! March 12, 2012
6 OnDemand Vol8Ch6 A Day in the Life The Kraken escalates his reign of terror... By targeting those closest to Mal and Natara! March 19, 2012
7 OnDemand Vol8Ch7 In Roaring He Shall Rise In the aftermath of tragedy, our heroes steel their resolve... And the face of the Kraken is revealed! March 26, 2012
8 Andonthesurfacedie And On The Surface Die The Kraken has risen, and he has Natara! Can Mal and Blaise save the day? April 2, 2012