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A terrifying new serial killer stalks the women of the city, a war within the Triads sees the return of an unexpected enemy, and Mal and Natara go undercover... As a married couple!

The Ladykiller is the seventh volume of Cause of Death. The volume revolves around the murders of various women across San Francisco performed by a serial stalker. Perhaps the first volume to concentrate more on the lives of the series protagonists, Chapters 2 and 3 involve Mal Fallon and forensic tech Kai Kalaba inspecting a gangland slaying and Chapters 5 and 6 regarding multiple murders in a residential area.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 Badromance Bad Romance A new season... A sinister new villain... Play now and help Mal and Natara take out the garbage. Plus, the romance between Oscar and Natara heats up! November 14, 2011
2 Invinoveritaspt1 In Vino Veritas, Part 1 Natara and Oscar head to wine country for a much-deserved vacation. Meanwhile, Mal and Kai investigate a brutal gangland slaying! Plus, prepare for the return of a fan-favorite character! November 21, 2011
3 Invinoveritaspt2 In Vino Veritas, Part 2 Mal, Kai, and Kara are in over their heads with the Four Fiends Triad! Will Natara cut short her vacation and save the day? Plus, an important new development in Oscar and Natara's relationship! November 28, 2011
4 Split Split Oscar is the prime suspect in the murder of Lilith Bassie... But is he guilty? December 5, 2011
5 Domesticdisturbancept1 Domestic Disturbance, Part 1 After a series of grisly murders, Mal and Natara must go undercover... As a happily married couple! December 12, 2011
6 Domesticdisturbancept2 Domestic Disturbance, Part 2 As the bodies pile up, Mal and Natara scramble to uncover the truth behind the Suburban Slasher! December 19, 2011
7 Killeralibi Killer Alibi New evidence brings the Ladykiller case front and center, but can Mal and Natara pin the crime on their suspect? Plus, the aftermath of Oscar and Natara's break-up! January 9, 2012
8 Finalflight Final Flight The Ladykiller stands revealed... But lives are on the line! Can Mal and Natara prevent his fatal escape? January 17, 2012