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Stop Mad Stranger, a psychotic mastermind who likes to play games! Prosecute serial killer Vernon Frist! And help Jacob Fallon rescue his son from the clutches of the Flores Cartel... All this, plus a thrilling puzzler of a finale!

Mad Stranger is the sixth volume of Cause of Death. The volume centers around a chess-themed murder approach, concerning the justice system, law enforcement and government. Chapters 2 and 3, though not necessarily a side murder, pays attention to the Vernon Frist court case, featuring Natara Williams as a witness.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 None Opening Moves A puzzling murder in a pawn shop kicks off a brand new volume of Cause of Death! September 5, 2011
2 Undermyskinpt1 Under My Skin, Part 1 While Natara testifies in court against serial killer Vernon Frist, Mal searches for clues to make sure the killer remains behind bars. September 12, 2011
3 Undermyskinpt2 Under My Skin, Part 2 Natara is locked inside a courtroom with a sadistic killer! September 19, 2011
4 Gambit Gambit While investigating the brutal murder of a former cop, Mal and Natara uncover Mad Stranger's deadly game! September 26, 2011
5 Breakingpointpt1 Breaking Point, Part 1 Bad blood between Jacob Fallon and Javier Garza has been brewing for a long time... This week, their final battle begins! October 3, 2011
6 Breakpointpt2 Breaking Point, Part 2 Prison riots! Jail breaks! Manhunts! Go from cell block to city block in this week's exciting episode... Plus Jacob and Mal have a touching reunion! October 11, 2011
7 Zugzwang Zugzwang The game is afoot! Can Mal and Natara stop Mad Stranger before he gets checkmate? October 17, 2011
8 Endgame Endgame The board is set! The pieces are in play! The endgame begins here! Plus, to save Natara's life, Mal must make a deadly choice! October 24, 2011