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Mal and Natara must deal with a brutal killer, spoiled heirs, and a mysterious vigilante whose identity will strike much too close to home!

Hand of Justice is the fifth volume of Cause of Death. The volume features series protagonists Mal Fallon and Natara Williams against an intimate vigilante. Chapter 1-6, however, primarily focus on other cases, with Chapters 1-4 on an Independence Day-themed murder storyline and Chapters 5 and 6 on the murder of a wealthy entrepreneur.


# Image Title Description Date
1 DreadSilence.jpg Dread Silence Volume 5 begins with a fireworks-sized, four-part story arc that's guaranteed to amaze! June 23, 2011
2 ThePerilousFight.jpg The Perilous Fight Mal and Natara continue their investigation into the Unknown Sailor. Meanwhile, Ken hunts for the merciless and murderous gangbanger, Mako! June 30, 2011
3 TheShoreDimlySeen.jpg The Shore Dimly Seen Mal and Natara dig deeper into the Unknown Sailor's motivations... And find evidence of a shocking romance! Meanwhile, Ken begins his search for the masked vigilante. July 12, 2011
4 TheGloomoftheGrave.jpg The Gloom of the Grave The Unknown Sailor case reaches its intense and brutal conclusion! Meanwhile, Ken discovers something shocking about the identity of the masked vigilante. July 18, 2011
5 TheRootofAllEvilpt1.jpg The Root of All Evil, Part 1 Mal and Natara get a tip from a very special witness... Mal's ex-wife! Can Mal put aside his feelings long enough to solve the murder of a prominent philanthropist? July 25, 2011
6 Therootofallevilpt2.jpg The Root of All Evil, Part 2 Tuxedo? Check. Cufflinks? Check. Semi-automatic pistol? ...Check! To catch a murderer, Mal must do the unthinkable... Put on fancy evening attire! August 1, 2011
7 Trafficked.jpg Trafficked Mal and Natara... Ken and Shawn... Human traffickers and their helpless victims... Get ready! Three cases collide in this thrilling preamble to the end of Volume 5! August 8, 2011
8 Mallory.jpg Mallory This is it! The thrilling showdown between Natara, Shawn, and Mal is finally here... And Cause of Death will never be the same again! August 15, 2011