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Stop Zero, a legendary serial killer who has escaped justice for decades! Square off against the Flores Cartel! And even...Play a videogame?!

Zero is the fourth volume of Cause of Death. Largely based on the Zodiac killer, Detective Mal Fallon, Detective Ken Greene, and Special Agent Natara Williams investigate the resurfaced murders of a serial killer dormant for 40 years. Chapters 2 and 3 focus continue with the cartel storyline from Volume 2, whereas Chapters 5 and 6 deals with the murder of a video game developer.


# Image Title Description Date
1 None Zero Hour With Mal on leave, Ken and Natara investigate Zero – a serial killer who first terrorized the streets of San Francisco more than four decades ago! April 15, 2011
2 Bloodrelationspt1 Blood Relations, Part 1 The Flores Cartel makes its brutal return! Will Mal be able to make a deal to save his life? April 26, 2011
3 Bloodrelationspt2 Blood Relations, Part 2 The Flores family plot comes to a brutal and shocking conclusion! Can Mal escape unscathed? April 29, 2011
Coded Messages After extended leave, Mal returns to the force. Meanwhile, Ken and Natara close in on Zero! May 6, 2011
5 None The Games We Play, Part 1 Mal investigates the death of a video game developer, while Natara and Shawn deal with the revelation of his involvement with Genevieve Collins. May 13, 2011
6 Thegamesweplaypt2 The Games We Play, Part 2 Mal continues his hunt for the video game killer. Meanwhile, Shawn grows increasingly desperate to win Natara back! May 20, 2011
7 ZeroSumGame Zero Sum Game Zero has surrendered himself to the authorities... But why? Is this cold-blooded killer remorseful, or is this just the beginning of his sinister plan? May 27, 2011
8 ZeroConsequences Zero Consequences Zero has detonated a bomb inside the police station. Will Zero succeed in completing his plan, or will Mal and Natara stop him? June 3, 2011