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Help Mal and Natara track down the brutal serial killer known as 'The Hunter', solve a murder at an online dating service, and uncover a web of lies on the set of the Maskmaker movie!

The Hunter is the third volume of Cause of Death. The volume concentrates on the murders conducted by The Hunter. Chapters 2 and 3 focus on murders involving an online dating service, while Chapters 5 and 6 center on murders on the set of the Maskmaker movie.


Chp. Title Description Date
1 Prey Genevieve Collins revealed. Mickhail Volk dead. And all this was just the beginning! February 11, 2011
2 Broken Hearted, Part 1 It's Valentine's Day, and Mal and Natara are investigating a murder at an online dating service? Will they find a match... For a killer? February 18, 2011
3 Broken Hearted, Part 2 Help Mal and Natara put the pieces of the Valentine's Day mystery together in the exciting conclusion of Broken Hearted! February 25, 2011
4 Hunter, Hunted Mal and Natara close in on a new suspect in the Golden Gate Park slayings... But are they the hunters or the prey? March 4, 2011
5 Lights, Camera, Murder, Part 1 Mal and Natara investigate a murder on the set of the hit, new movie Rise of the Maskmaker, and it's up to you to make sure they don't wind up on the cutting room floor! March 11, 2011
6 Lights, Camera, Murder, Part 2 The investigation into the murder of Joseph Kyle concludes... And searing, new developments in the Hunter case begin! March 18, 2011
7 Savage Tasha has been kidnapped by the Hunter, and it's up to Mal and Natara to save her. Will they arrive in time? March 25, 2011
8 The Wild Hunt Mal and Natara take on The Hunters in an adrenaline-fueled wilderness showdown. One thing's for sure: even if they survive, Mal and Natara will never be the same! April 1, 2011