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Mal and Natara must deal with a femme fatale, a psychotic arsonist, and a brutal assassin... Not to mention the mysterious benefactor behind the Maskmaker!

The Connoisseur is the second volume of Cause of Death. The Volume's plot focuses on series protagonist Mal Fallon and Natara Williams (as well as other members of the SFPD), as they attempt to identify The Maskmaker along with other killers' clandestine patron. Additionally, Chapters 2 and 3 focus on Mal's relations with the Flores cartel.


Chp. Title Description Date
1 Tough Love Mal and Natara investigate the mystery behind the Maskmaker's accomplice... But a shocking new murder stands in their way. December 17, 2010
2 Head Case Mal and Natara follow the trail of the Maskmaker to the mysterious Millbrook Mental Institute. Meanwhile, Officer Ken Greene investigates a body that's washed up on the docks... Missing its head! December 24, 2010
3 Sins of the Fathers After a brutal fight with an assassin lands Natara in the hospital, Mal investigates the drug cartels responsible... And is forced to confront a figure from his past. December 31, 2010
4 Catching Fire The investigation into the Second Chance Initiative leads Mal and Natara to Ramsey Brand, a firefighter with the SFFD. Has Ramsey outgrown his history of arson or does his new job stoke the fire within? January 7, 2011
5 Missing Persons, Part 1 As Det. Mal Fallon interviews Senator Collins, founder of the Second Chance Initiative, Agent Natara Williams strikes off on her own to find her missing sister. Will Natara locate Neha in time? January 14, 2011
6 Missing Persons, Part 2 Mal and Natara race against the clock to find Natara's kidnapped sister! But what does Neha's disappearance have to do with Dr. Jerome Eccleston? January 21, 2011
7 Old Wounds Mal sets out to find the people that took Natara… But he has to rely on someone from her past. January 28, 2011
8 Revelations The Connoisseur is revealed… And forces Natara to make a terrifying choice. February 4, 2011