Cause of Death Wiki

Hi everyone, I'm Axel!

I'm the first admin of the Cause of Death Wiki.

I found this game after playing Surviving High School once. It's a nice step up from high school into the real world. So links lead me to this wiki so I could get help on the game, but saw instead the poor state of this wiki. So I want to improve this wiki like I have done for other wikis.

In March 2012, there was only 8 articles on here. Now there are over 501 articles here, a big accomplishment with help from the community.

I'm just here editing, creating templates and managing the backend of things. If you have any questions, concerns, or whatever it may be, write it on my Wall. I'm always around and I'll get to you.

August 2014 Update: I'm happy how this wiki has stayed updated throughout the years! Now even though that Cause of Death has winded down to a close, we hope you guys enjoyed the ride with us. Thank you so much!