Natasha King
Tasha King
Gender Female
Born September 10, 1980
Died April 1, 2011 (Age 30) (Shot by Ryan Orville)
Hair blonde
Eyes brown
Employer reporter

Natasha "Tasha" Anne King was formally a news reporter before her untimely death.


Tasha was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, before moving to San Francisco. Tasha was outgoing and popular and hid a keen intellect behind a perky facade. With a degree in Journalism, she was hired by the San Francisco news station KQRM. Tasha specialized in crime reporting and had a knack for getting the scoop on the biggest stories. For two years, Tasha harbored a crush on Mal Fallon and was overjoyed to date him following his divorce over the course of Volume 3. After being kidnapped by Klaus Paring and Ryan Orville, Tasha was shot in the head by Ryan Orville in V3C7 and died instantly. Her death hugely affected Mal Fallon, driving him to exact vengeance and kill Ryan Orville.