Sophie Patterson
Sophie Patterson
Gender Female
Born July 27, 1991
Died December 11, 2010 (Age 19) (Suffocated by Eric Mills)
Hair Orange
Eyes Blue

Born in Tallahassee, Sophie Patterson was in San Francisco to attend college. She was an outgoing, fun-loving girl, and a proud member of a sorority. She was majoring in Education and wanted to work in public policy.

Sophie was kidnapped and murdered by Eric Mills due to her strong resemblance to his sister. She was the third victim of the Maskmaker.


Sophie liked to spend time at the popular karaoke bar, The Zen Lounge. A worker at the bar was the first person accused of her murder.


In the maskmaker episode Sophie gets kidnapped by the maskmaker also known as Eric Mills. Eric drugged Sophie and made a mask out of her face. Eric has also murdred sophomore Brittney Emerson. And Eric almost drugged Amy Chen later on, luckly Amy got saved by Mal and Natara.