Cause of Death episode
Sins of the Fathers
Volume 2, Episode 3
Air date December 31, 2010
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December 17, 2010 - February 4, 2011

1. Tough Love
2. Head Case
3. Sins of the Fathers
4. Catching Fire
5. Missing Persons, Part 1
6. Missing Persons, Part 2
7. Old Wounds
8. Revelations

Volume 1: The Maskmaker
Volume 3: The Hunter

Sins of the Fathers is the third chapter of Volume 2: The Connoisseur. It aired on December 31, 2010.


After a brutal fight with an assassin lands Natara in the hospital, Mal investigates the drug cartels responsible... And is forced to confront a figure from his past.


Detective Mal Fallon goes to his apartment and finds The Ghost waiting for him. The Ghost asks him if he believes in God, and tells him to drop his gun. Fallon does so, but manages to struggle with The Ghost. Special Agent Natara Williams intervenes and shoulder-checks The Ghost out of a window. She is not badly hurt, but The Ghost flees the scene, limping.

Mal and Ken then visit the Flores Cartel's San Fransisco villa because The Ghost is known to work with this cartel. Ken explains that the cartel is based out of the fictional city of Trinirez, Mexico and that being the third most powerful criminal syndicate in Mexico, it is one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Run by a mysterious man named Arcangel Flores, it has moved to create operations based around other locations, with San Fransisco being run by Esteban Flores and Carlito Flores's division (this means that in other areas of the country and presumably other countries, there may be Flores cartel chapters just like the one in San Fransisco). Esteban was the SF's head, but ever since the death of Miguel Flores in Bad Medicine, his heir to the San Fransiscan operation has became his other son, Carlito Flores.

Esteban isn't home, and so his son Carlito, with his fiancee Esme, opens the door and eventually goes head to head with Mal when Esteban interrupts. After exchanging words and a threat from Esteban, Mal is barely able to stop himself from punching him. However, when the detectives are escorted outside the villa, Mal deducts that it was Carlito -- not Esteban -- who is responsible for bringing The Ghost in, because of the lack of reaction in Carlito's part when Mal mentioned The Ghost, as opposed to Esteban's shocked expression. Even though Ken discourages Mal from pursuing the cartel, Mal gets help from Mal's debuting father Jacob Fallon, who is serving 35 to life for corruption, racketeering, extortion and murder as a police captain. They are able to convince the furious cartel to disclose The Ghost's location, thus apprehending him.

Bonus Scene

Carlito is physically punished and threatened by his father Esteban Flores for calling a hit on Detective Mal Fallon by the hispanic serial killer dubbed The Ghost as a chance to kill Mal for murdering Miguel Flores. Esmeralda Salazar comforts him by telling Carlito he did the right thing because blood demands blood.