Seth Holland
Seth Holland-2
Gender Male
Born November 9, 1980 (Age 33)
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Rank Mayor of San Francisco

Seth Holland is the current mayor of San Francisco.


Seth Holland grew up in Chicago, where he learned everything he needed to know about how to succeed in politics. Ambitious and sneaky, Seth serves as the right hand of San Francisco Mayor Charles Gilcomb and is more then willing to cut a backroom deal if it'll help the Mayor's agenda...or his own. Seth despises Mal Fallon for investigating the Mayor's son during an election year. He does, however, harbor an attraction to Natara Williams. Seth is shown to be interested in becoming Mayor, which he hints at when talking with Charles Gilcomb at the end of Volume 6: Mad Stranger. According to Blaise in Vol. 10, Chapter 5: In Fidelity, Part 1, Blaise and Seth had a fling a couple years back. In the bonus feature of Seth, Lies, and Videotape Part 2, he was elected mayor after saving then Mayor Gilcomb.

In V14C7 he is shown to be quite daft where as in city hall is being attacked with Molotov and people are screaming while he doesn't know what's going on until Maria tackles him to the ground saving his life.