Ryan Orville

Ryan Orville


Prefers hunting the most dangerous game to wild animals. Uses expert tracking skills to pursue young women through wooded areas. Disembowels and freezes the corpses of victims.
Real Name/Alias The Hunter
Born July 15, 1981
Died April 1, 2011 (Age 29) (Head thrust into bear trap by Mal Fallon)
Murder Career
Victims Tasha King
Possibly six-seven other victims
M.O. Shoots them, disembowels and freezes their corpse
Appearances Volume 3
Status Sport Killer
Motive Fixation towards hunting wild animals

Ryan Orville was Klaus Paring's illegitimate son and one of the three hunters, the main antagonists of Volume 3.

Early Life

Even though he was the product of an affair, Klaus made sure that Ryan was raised properly. Treated as a close 'family friend', Ryan often went hunting with Max and Klaus and killed several women alongside them. While Max struggled with mental illness, Ryan was the good son, who diligently followed his father's footsteps. 


Ryan's only appearances are in Volume 3. He is initially thought to be the suspect of the first two murders, however was ruled out when he explained that Max Paring, a worker at Orville Meats and son of Klaus, stole his gun. He then revealed to Shawn Mallory that he was a close family friend of the Paring's (whom were both revealed to be the killers) and would be able to guide them to Klaus' warehouse in the woods, where Tasha King, Mal's girlfriend at the time, was located.

Upon arrival, Ryan managed to get himself out of his handcuffs and subsequently shot Tasha in the head, killing her, exposing himself as the third hunter and Klaus' other son. Soon after, he is killed when his head is cut off by a bear trap.


Despite his homicidal tendencies, Ryan is described as charismatic and social—too much of both to have fitted the profile for the hunter—having flirted with Natara and insulting Mal while they interrogated him.