Ramsey Kevin Brand
Ramsey Brand
Born Jonah Graves and institutionalized for pyromania, Brand was taken under the Connoisseur's wing and turned loose as a firefighter who saved one soul from each fire he set... only to kill them a week later.
Real Name/Alias Jonah Graves
Born April 20, 1978
Died January 7, 2011 (age 32; suicide by fire)
Murder Career
Victims April Ruane's two children and husband
His brother and parents
8+ other victims
M.O. Kills three members of a four-member family in a fire and kills the survivor a week later by an apparent suicide
Appearances Volume 2
Status Arsonist
Motive Pyromania
[Fire] can be delayed, but it won't be denied.

–Ramsey to Natara Williams, V2C4

Ramsey Kevin Brand, born Jonah Graves, was the tertiary antagonist of Volume 2, appearing as the main focus of its fourth chapter. Shortly before death by suicide, Ramsey was a firefighter—with pyromania.

Early Life

Jonah Graves grew up in San Francisco. Responsible for a homefire that killed his family and left him as the sole survivor, Graves was deeply traumatized by the incident and became obsessed with fire. Because of the incident, he was institutionalized at the Millbrook Mental Institute from a young age.

Under the guidance of Genevieve Collins at the MMI, Jonah was rehabilitated (though his darkness cultivated by Collins) and was given a new legal identity as Ramsey Brand. Geneveive trained Brand as a killer and was placed as a firefighter placed in the San Francisco Fire Department. His modus operandi was to burn homes with families inside, but let one victim survive, only to kill the survivor from weeks to months later.


Ramsey caught the attention of Mal and Natara, while they were investigating a connection between the MMI and the suspicious connectivity between it and a then-unknown benefactor of killers, when they saw that his occupation—firefighter—counteracted with his disorder, pyromania, leading them to suspect he was wrongfully released under the Second Chance Initiative. Having just recently saved April Ruane from a fire that killed her two sons and husband, Ramsey was taken into custody for question. While their suspicions of him only rose during the interrogation, Mal and Natara were forced to release Ramsey on orders of Seth Holland and Maria Yeong.

Shortly following, however, Mal and Natara learned of his plan to kill April, just as he did with the other murders, and rush to stop him. There, Ramsey committed suicide before telling Natara that he was only part of a larger game.

Ramsey was one of the killers The Kraken cult mocked/copycatted in Volume 8.



Genevieve Collins

During his stay at Millbrook Mental Institute, Ramsey met with Genevieve, the Connoisseur, who took him under her guidance. She told him that his pyromania was an art and he should express it through death, in spite of his hesitation due to what the doctors told him. She supported him in committing his first murder since being released from the institute.


An arsonist, Ramsey is a pyromaniac, which influenced his murder career. In the interrogation room, he initially presents himself as the victim of a mistake he made at his own risk and is emotional. However, when he realizes that Natara is aware of his act, his exterior changes to his "true" side: cold and reserved.


  • According to Ramsey's official artwork, he is appproximately 6'2.