Phil Morris
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Alias Phil Lawrence Morris (Full name)
Gender Male
Born June 30, 1960
Died June 3, 2011 (Age 50) (Shot by Herman Hartnell)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Employer SFPD
Rank Officer

Phil Morris was an officer of the San Francisco Police Department until his untimely death in Volume 4, when Herman Hartnell killed him.

Early Life:

Phil Morris grew up in Santa Cruz, California. As a young man, he was an avid surfer and competed in several national competitions. He moved to San Francisco to be closer to his wife, and to be an aide in the Mayor's office.

In CoD:

When Blaise was first working for the predict she asked Phil if he could do her nightshift on halloween at the graveyard, Phil was sarcastically said, 'Yeah sure ill take it, hell why dont i take all your rounds too?!' This was the only scene that showed Phil angry with anyone.


Phil was known for his laid-back attitude and for being the first to buy everyone a round of drinks. Phil was offered a promotion, but declined it to keep working the beat. He was shot to death by the serial killer Zero during his attack on the precinct.