Neha Mansingh
Neha Mansingh
Gender Female
Born November 9, 1993 (Age 20)
Race Indian
Hair Brown with blue highlights
Eyes Brown
Mother Anita Mansingh
Father Raj Mansingh
Sister Natara Williams

Neha Mansingh is the younger sister of Natara Williams.


Neha is regarded as very pretty, privilleged, wild girl who enjoys her luxury lifestyle as much as having fun.Unlike her sister, she has no problem basking in her family's fortune and has developed a reputation as a party-girl. She has twice been charged with underage drinking. She has also been romantically linked with several prominent rock stars.  Despite her often flamboyant behavior, Neha is highly intelligent and has plans to study political science. 

Appearances in CoD:

Neha was captured in Volume 2 by Genevieve Collins, although was released towards the end of the volume when Natara came to Neha and gave herself in to let Neha go.


  • Neha's sister, Natara, mentioned that Neha once caught the curtains on fire due to nail polish remover. She also mentioned that Neha once went through a "Goth" stage.
  • Neha attends Stanford University.
  • If Kai Kalaba never joined the S.F.P.D, Neha would not be alive.