Mikhail Simonovich Volk
Mikhail Volk
Gender Male
Born December 29, 1957
Died January 20, 2011 (Age 53) (Shot by Mal Fallon)
Hair Grey
Eyes Silver
Employer Soviet Army (former), Orkutsk (former)
Rank Commando (former), Interrogator (former)
Mikhail Volk was the secondary antagonist of Volume 2.


The son of a prominent Soviet officer and a sadist at heart, he enrolled in the Soviet army and served in the Spetsnaz GRU as a commando. However, he was captured and became a victim of torture. After he escaped, he took a job as an interrogator at the notorious prison Orkutsk, where he tortured hundreds of political prisoners. Mikhail was visitied there by Genevieve Collins, who was seeking a man of his skills. She smuggled him into the US, where he worked discreetly as her right hand man. His meeting with Genevieve was shown in more detail in the Volume 14 Interlude.

Appearance in CoD:

Volk is first introduced at the end of Volume 1 bonus scene. He kidnapped Neha Mansingh with the help of Genevieve Collins to gain information about her sister. In V2's first 4 chapters, he keeps Neha captive, and in V2C5-V2C6 he uses her as bait to kidnap Natara (but releases her in the process). In V2C7, he takes Natara to Genevieve Collins, where more information is revealed about her and Volk. When Mal Fallon and Ken Greene storm the Collins house, Volk is killed by multiple gunshots to the chest from Mal.