Mickey Watkins
Mikey Watkins
Gender Male
Race American
Employer San Quentin Prison
Rank Inmate

Mickey Watkins was a serial killer who was manipulated by his phsyciatrist, Dr. Jerome Eccleston, to kill his patients who had committed suicide. He is the only known vassal killer of Eccleston; but he was really a killer of the real connossieur, Genevieve Collins.

Mickey only appeared in V2C6; in which, Mal and Natara return to the office of Jerome Eccleston after finding his fingerprints deliberately left behind at the scene of where the kidnapper of Natara's sister returned the taxi driver's car. The office, despite Eccleston being genuinely 3 years missing at the time, had been mysteriously kept untouched. In it, Mal and Natara found a tape of a psychiatric conversation between Eccleston and Watkins.

It was revelaed in the session that Watkins had an extreme hatred of the rich, and stated that he had to fend for himself and would have to work since the age of 10, and would steal and rob just to not starve. Eccleston cultivated his anger by instilling anarchic ideas into Watkins. At the middle of the tape, Natara concluded that Eccleston's pettiness made him more likely to be a vassal benefactor to the real benefactor than the heart of the whole case. The tape concluded with Mal and Natara hearing footsteps and Eccleston asking someone "how he did"; just as this was said, the tape cut off. This left the impression that this person Eccleston was speaking to was the real benefactor.

Mal and Natara confronted the bar janitor; after using one punch to knock Mal out, Mickey had an intense brawl with Natara, that ended with Watkins shot in both legs. Mickey told Natara that he killed Eccleston since he was too soft, too petty and was not fully dedicated to the cause

That was when Natara realized that her deductions were right. Mickey fainted after telling Natara where Eccleston's body (an always-unguarded water treatment plant) was, and has not appeared on-screen since, though he did lead the SFPD to the real kidnapper and the real mastermind.

After one of the terrorists working in The Kraken cult began copycatting his bludgeoning crimes, Natara -- deducing that Watkins couldn't be the culprit -- commented that Watkins was serving life with no chance of parole.