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The following is a list of Volumes, Side Stories, and premium content released in Cause of Death. Episodes are released on Monday in the United States. On Demand episodes are $0.99 per episode and $1.99 for Volume finales.


Volumes are the main storyline for the game. A Volume customarily comprises eight episodes, also known as Chapters, as well as a mid-season Interlude since Volume 9. Each episode airs for one week, Monday to Sunday. Thus, a typical Volume takes a little over two months to fully air.

# Title Description Status
1 The Maskmaker Detective Mal Fallon of the SFPD partners with FBI Special Agent Natara Williams to track down the Maskmaker, a terrifying serial killer. Complete
2 The Connoisseur Mal and Natara must deal with a femme fatale, a psychotic arsonist, and a brutal assassin... Not to mention the mysterious benefactor behind the Maskmaker! Complete
3 The Hunter Help Mal and Natara track down the brutal serial killer known as 'The Hunter', solve a murder at an online dating service, and uncover a web of lies on the set of the Maskmaker movie! Complete
4 Zero Stop Zero, a legendary serial killer who has escaped justice for decades! Square off against the Flores Cartel! And even...Play a videogame?! Complete
5 Hand of Justice Mal and Natara must deal with a brutal killer, spoiled heirs, and a mysterious vigilante whose identity will strike much too close to home! Complete
6 Mad Stranger Stop Mad Stranger, a psychotic mastermind who likes to play games! Prosecute serial killer Vernon Frist! And help Jacob Fallon rescue his son from the clutches of the Flores Cartel... All this, plus a thrilling puzzler of a finale! Complete
7 The Ladykiller A terrifying new serial killer stalks the women of the city, a war within the Triads sees the return of an unexpected enemy, and Mal and Natara go undercover... As a married couple! Complete
8 The Kraken Mal, Natara, and series newcomer Blaise Corso go investigate and track down the Kraken, the leader of a mysterious cult. Complete
9 Livewire Mal and Natara pursue a savage new killer who electrocutes his victims, while Amy gets wrapped up in a shady cyber-crime conspiracy! Complete
10 Nightmare As Natara prepares for he wedding to Oscar, a new villain wreaks havoc on San Francisco with mind-altering drugs! Complete
11 The Salazars The Salazar cartel has kidnapped Mal, and Natara will need all the help she can get to find him... And the clock is ticking... Complete
12 The Boogeyman A horrifying killer hiding inside closets... Will the hunt for the Boogeyman tear Mal and Natara apart? Complete
13 Spinnerette Someone is terrorizing the city with thousands of eight-legged minions... But that's not the only horror lurking in the shadows! Complete
14 The Firstborn The Firstborn of legend is revealed! No one and nowhere is safe as Mal and Natara square off against a killer more ruthless and more brilliant than any they've ever faced... Complete
15 The Cleaners Mal, Natara, and the new Special Crimes Task Force pursue the Firstborn to London, where they uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government! Complete
16 Ronin In the final season of 'Cause of Death', the Firstborn reunites with his oldest friend to bring the Land of the Rising Sun to its knees... Complete

Side Stories

Since Volume 3, a playable two-part series has been released between Volumes. These episodes, called Side Stories, feature secondary characters in lead roles.

# Title Description Airdate
1 Detective Kalaba, Part 1 Everyone's favorite creepy lab tech, Kai Kalaba pretends to be a detective... And quickly finds himself over his head with a beautiful woman, Triad gangsters, and a priceless antique dagger! April 1, 2011
2 Detective Kalaba, Part 2 Betrayed by Steph Cho, Kai finds himself at the mercy of Feng Long and the Long Gang! Can Kai save himself? Will justice be served? Play the exciting conclusion to our first Side Story and find out! April 1, 2011
3 Amy's Case, Part 1 First dates! Ex-boyfriends! Terrorists!? What's a girl to do? Help Amy and Detective Greene solve a mystery that reaches way back into Amy's past! June 10, 2011
4 Amy's Case, Part 2 Amy learns the truth about her ex-boyfriend, Alex, but can she trust him? Get your hack on in the exciting conclusion to Amy's amazing Side Stories adventure! June 17, 2011
5 Fallon and Yeong, Part 1 In this special flashback episode, play as Captain Yeong when she was a detective, partnered with Mal's father! August 22, 2011
6 Fallon and Yeong, Part 2 In this special flashback episode, Detectives Yeong and Fallon make their move against gangster Javier Garza... But who’s playing who in this twisted game? August 29, 2011
7 Halloween Special: Dead Man Walking, Part 1 Zombies! Haunted Houses! Oh my! This Halloween, all your friends from Cause of Death are getting seriously spooky! Plus, check out everyone's fun new costumes! October 31, 2011
8 Halloween Special: Dead Man Walking, Part 2 The Exterminator haunts the walls of the Marlowe Mansion! But is he a ghost... Or is something else going on? Plus, the precinct Halloween party! See Ken, Amy, Kai, and Maria in their awesome new costumes! November 7, 2011
9 Greene Zone, Part 1 Ken receives a call from his former Commanding Officer... And stumbles into a mystery straight out of his own past! January 23, 2012
10 Greene Zone, Part 2 Ken's dark secret is finally revealed, but who wants to kill him... And why? January 30, 2012
11 In The Cards, Part 1 When a local psychic is found murdered, Mal and Natara enlist the help of an old friend... Gifted clairvoyant, Claire Hart! But can they divine the killer's identity before he strikes again? April 9, 2012
12 In The Cards, Part 2 The Tarot Card Killer has set his sights on Claire Hart! Natara and Mal must rush to her rescue... But will they get there in time? April 16, 2012
13 Fourth of July Special, Part 1 A terrorist cell threatens San Francisco... And their leader has a shocking connection to Blaise's past! June 25, 2012
14 Fourth of July Special, Part 2 Blaise and Jeremy have been kidnapped by a terror group and have only hours to stop their devastating plot! July 2, 2012
15 Far From Home, Part 1 Months before Natara's wedding, Amy and Brimstone attempt to answer a stranger's plea for help... But to do so, they'll have to take on the mob! September 10, 2012
16 Far From Home, Part 2 Amy and her Brimstone colleagues have been taken hostage! Can they escape before they become pawns in a brutal mob war? September 17, 2012
17 Peacemaker, Part 1 Jeremy and Blaise go back to the reservation... To stop a dangerous casino mogul! November 26, 2012
18 Peacemaker, Part 2 The West gets wild as Jeremy and Blaise take on Mason Ten Snakes! December 3, 2012
19 Kai Hard, Part 1 When a terrorist cell seizes a skyscraper and takes Amy hostage, Kai will have to trust a rogue from his past to save the day! February 18, 2013
20 Kai Hard, Part 2 The terrorists' true purpose is revealed as Kai enacts a crazy plan to rescue Amy and the hostages! February 25, 2013
21 Seth, Lies, and Videotape, Part 1 Maria is called back into action when the death of a young woman threatens to expose the dark secrets of the mayoral race! May 6, 2013
22 Seth, Lies, and Videotape, Part 2 A beautiful woman, murdered... Two political campaigns in upheaval... Can Maria untangle this web of lust, murder, and deception with the fate of the city in the balance? May 13, 2013
23 Forks in the Road, Part 1 When Colt's past makes him feel out of place at police academy, an old friend from his dark days arrives to tempt him back. August 15, 2013
24 Forks in the Road, Part 2 Colt gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to work for a local loan shark. Can Mal get him out in time? August 19, 2013
25 City of Love, Part 1 Mal takes Natara on a romantic getaway to Paris, but he’s not the only one in town with his eyes on her... February 24, 2014
26 City of Love, Part 2 Will our hero Benoit win Natara’s heart? Or will the evil Mal Fallon ruin his happy-ever-after? March 11, 2014

Premium Content

# Title Description Airdate
Your Case: The Missing Child A woman's child goes missing. It's up to you to get to the bottom of it.

March 11, 2011

August 26, 2013 (reaired)

What Happened to Colt? Part Two Follow Colt's story. Part One is available on the "Episodes on Demand" section in Cause of Death's sister game, Surviving High School. October 21, 2011

Short Stories

Cause of Death has released a number of short, choice-less tales in collected sets.

# Title Description Airdate
Love and Bullets Mal and Natara stranded in the woods... A truth serum released in the crime lab... A deranged killer with delusions of divinity! See these stories and more in this special Short Story Collection! September 19, 2011
First Date, First Kiss, First Kill In this short story collection, see what happens when Ken asks Amy out, follow Mal and Natara as they crash a royal wedding, and flashback to another case featuring Detective Maria Yeong and Captain Jacob Fallon! March 5, 2012
Buried Secrets, Buried Lives In this special collection, follow Mal and Natara as they take a trip to Hawaii, flashback to the most difficult choice Mal has had to make working a case, and see what happens when Natara's father calls Mal in for a favor! June 25, 2012
Life Lessons, Deadly Desires See what happens when Mal and Natara share a personal moment at Neha's college... Cheer as the precinct faces off against the Oakland PD... And, in a special flashback, see Eric Mills' first ever kill! August 20, 2012
A Cause of Death Christmas Find out how the Cause of Death cast spends their holidays! January 3, 2012
Cause of Death Valentine's Special See what happens when the gang investigates a comic convention, and when Mal and Natara get locked in a playboy millionaire's vault! February 6, 2012
Halloween Special: Undying Love In this special holiday short story pack, three different cases on three different Halloweens converge to reveal the shocking motive behind a serial body snatcher! October 30, 2012
Holiday Stories: Past & Presents

What if Mal and Natara were Santa’s detectives? What if Kai never came to San Francisco? Find out what happens in these hilarious holiday stories starring fan favorites, old and new!

December 23, 2013
Secret Files A collection of bios on Cause of Death characters!
Secret Files 02 The second installment of the collection of bios on Cause of Death characters! September 3, 2013