Klaus Paring

Klaus paring


Prefers hunting the most dangerous game to wild animals. Uses expert tracking skills to pursue young women through wooded areas. Disembowels and freezes the corpses of victims.
Real Name/Alias The Hunter
Born March 8, 1960
Died April 1, 2011 (Age 51) (Shot by Shawn Mallory)
Murder Career
Victims Six-seven unnamed women
M.O. Shoots them, disembowels and freezes their corpse
Appearances Volume 3
Status Sport Killer
Motive Fixation with hunting wild animals

Klaus Paring, also known as The Hunter, was one of the two main antagonists of Volume 3.

Early Life

Growing up in Minnesota, his mother died in childbirth. He was raised by a strict, religious, and often abusive father, who instilled in him the values of family and authority. Klaus' father often took him hunting and forced him to kill and skin the animals. Over time, Klaus became obsessed with the desire to kill and began hunting and murdering local women. Later in life, he trained his two sons, Max Paring and Ryan Orville, to do the same.

Prior to his death, Klaus worked as a dermatologist.


Shawn discovers that all of the victims were all Klaus' patients at one point who had not listed an emergency contact. When Mal and Natara come to question him about who could possibly have access to their records, Klaus puts the blame on his son Max, who he claimed was the hospital receptionist. Later on, however, after Klaus kidnaps Mal's girlfriend, Tasha, the SFPD learns that Klaus is (one of) the hunters when he mentions Ryan (by 'son') in a mysterious video message about 'the Wild Hunt'.

With Ryan, he manages to trap Mal and Natara in his abandoned warehouse in the woods, in which he and Ryan begin the Wild Hunt. Soon after, Mal and Natara manage to get back into the warehouse to collect their guns when Klaus and Natara begin fighting. Though Natara manages to stall time, just as Klaus is about to kill them, Shawn arrives and kills Klaus.



Max Paring

Klaus' son, Max was often times the unfavored child for his apparent mental illness and inability to hunt well. Klaus made it clear that he favored Ryan over Max.

Ryan Orville

The illegitimate son, Ryan was Klaus' favorite son for his refined skill for hunting.


Klaus, like his sons, were all fixated with hunting, due to a psychological trauma that he had his own sons face. This obsession eventually led to him hunting women this same way.