Joe Bartaugh
Gender Male
Born December 28, 1972 (Age 41)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Employer S.F.P.D
Rank Detective
Wife Cynthia Bartaugh

Det. Joe Bartaugh was previously an officer in the San Francisco Police Department but was recently promoted to the 'Detective' rank in the Volume 14 finale.


Joe Bartaugh was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he remained until his 20s, when he moved to California. Prior to going into law enforcement, he worked as a bouncer and a bodyguard. Joe is an avid boxer and recently won the SFPD Middleweight boxing champion. Joe is considered a capable officer, but seemed unlikely to make Detective rank, though it is revealed that he did make 'Detective' rank in the bonus scene of the Volume 14 Finale. Joe is married to Cynthia, an elementary school teacher, and has two sons.


Bartaugh as an officer

He seems to be the most appearing of the supporting officers of the series (which includes Anna Willis and Sam Martinez). He was given a major role in V7C7 when he chased a ladykiller suspect.

One of the incorrect answers in 12-1 will reveal that as a young child, he was terrified of sheep.