Jerome Eccleston was a minor character, a psychiatrist, appearing in flashbacks in Volume 2. At the time of V2, he had been missing for 3 years without explanation.

In V2C5, Natara found that the taxi driver for the car that kidnapped her sister actually sold the car out temporarily to an unknown man who would've returned the car at the warehouse. After the warehouse exploded in the next episode, a tiny box with flaps of Jerome Eccleston's skin was found. When his office -- apparently untouched -- was scanned, a tape was found with him conversing with a patient Mickey Watkins.

When confronted, Watkins stated that Eccleston was to be used as an awakener of killers -- a vassal benefacotr of killers to the real benefactors of killers -- but eventually, he became too soft, and was killed by Mickey and his body thrusted into the ocean -- death never explained for 3 years.

Secret Files stated him to have been born on September 10th, 1974 and to be Harvad-educated.