Esmeralda Salazar
Every bit as ruthless and murderous as her father the Generalissimo, Esme married Carlito to forge an alliance between the Salazar and Flores cartel.
Real Name/Alias Esmeralda Salazar
Born February 14, 1987
Died October 30, 2012 (age 25; Shot by Carlito Flores)
Murder Career
Victims Esteban Flores
M.O. None (however did kill Esteban Flores by impaling him)
Appearances Volume 2, 4, 9 and 11
Status Salazar Cartel
Motive Wanted to take over the Flores Cartel (motive for the murder of Esteban Flores)

Esmeralda "Esme" Salazar is the daughter of General Salazar the cocaine kingpin of San Trobida. She is also the fiancee of Flores Cartel heir Carlito Flores, who is the son of Esteban Flores.


An extremely beautiful lady brought up in the heart of a drug empire, she learned to be cunning, manipulative, and ambitious. At the age of 13, she was kidnapped by a rival family, who held and abused her for several days. After her father's men liberated her, she personally executed her former captors. Esmeralda was sent by her father to secure an alliance with the Flores cartel. She appears alongside Carlito in V2C3, and her presence as an illegal immigrant is what lets Mal Fallon to coerce Esteban Flores and his son Carlito to reveal The Ghost's location -- The Ghost attempted to kill Mal Fallon who had killed Carlito's brother Miguel Flores.


In V4C3, she comes to see that Carlito has took his father and Mal Fallon hostage over how his father attempted to make a peace deal with Mal. When Carlito comes upstairs in complete frustration and misguidance and guilt over how he took his dad captive, Esme convinces him to let her talk to them. Esme then killed Esteban and blamed the death on Mal whilst Carlito was imprisoned and Esme escaped.

In the later chapters of Volume 6, Esme leads to Carlito out of the country after he escapes from prison -- but when it is discovered that an assasin sent by Carlito to kill Mal and his dad (Javier Garza) failed his job, Carlito demands Esme to re-confront Mal. Esme reveals her true power (in the form of extremely and singularly loyal bodyguards) to Carlito, and they leave.

She was later revealed to be working with Jacob Fallon in a Las Vegas syndicate in V9C5-V9C6.

Then, in Volume 11, she was revealed to be the one who took Mal Fallon hostage since his father, Jacob Fallon, extorted 100,000,000$ from the Las Vegas syndicate before tipping off the LVPD and getting them to raid the operations and then disappearing. After hesistating to tell Carlito the truth (keeping the "ace up his sleeve"), Mal finally convinces Esme to tell him. She tells him that it was because her father, General Salazar, wished to destroy the Flores Cartel. Carlito then killed Esme out of hatred, before being killed by General Salazar.