Like every game, Cause of Death has several easter eggs. This page will list a few hidden "easter eggs" in the game. Here are a few:

Volume 1: The Maskmaker

Chapter 5: Unmasked

When the player is prompted to enter the password of the digital safe or guess the connection of the case, the player can enter the following and the following will happen:

Password What will happen
Password Fallon asks Williams if she seriously thinks that it's the password. Williams backs up her choice by saying that studies have shown that it's the most commonly used password.
Mal Fallon asks Williams if she is trying to imply that he is the Maskmaker. Williams tells him that she is just trying to be thorough.
Natara Fallon will say that he isn't sure of the logic and asks Williams why she would be in the connection. She admits that it was a reach.
Centerscore Fallon will ask Williams what Centerscore is and she will tell him that it's a "small town where dreams come true and love lurks around every corner... A town of mischief, adventure, and high school heroism!" (Surviving High School reference) Fallon tells her that he's confused and Williams says nevermind.
Rose Fallon will say that he's pretty sure that the Maskmaker wouldn't use his own name for the password in the digital lock.
(Enter correct password first time without reviewing evidence) Fallon, shocked, asks Williams how she unlocked it. Williams replies, shocked as well, saying she doesn't know.