Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez
Real Name/Alias Diego Michael Hernandez
Born November 9, 1986 (Age 27)
Duration Volume 1, 5
Your Case: The Missing Child
Career Confidential Informant (formerly)
Affiliation SFPD
Friends Mal Fallon
Diego Michael Hernandez is a minor character in Cause of Death. A San Francisco native, he is a friend of Mal's.

Early Life

Diego was formerly involved in the local gang scene for several years and developed a cocaine addiction. However, after three years in jail, Diego joined Narcotics Anonymous and got clean. Diego worked as a confidential informant with the SFPD and helped bring down several prominent criminals.


Diego has no storylines; rather he makes few appearances in the game. He first appears in the beginning of Volume 1: The Maskmaker, shown to be meeting Mal Fallon, when he was first assigned to apprehend the Maskmaker. Diego is shown to be in the Drunk Tank playing poker with Mal and drinking beer. He is later seen in Volume 5: Hand of Justice when he is questioned by Ken Greene. He also makes a brief appearance in Your Case: The Missing Child.



Mal Fallon

The only time Diego is seen with Mal is in the first chapter of volume one, playing poker, where it is said that they are friends. On the contrary, they are never seen with each other again.


Given his lack of appearances, Diego's personality remains vague. The few details known about him include that he enjoys playing poker and has a particularly laid-back persona.