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Latest Episodes on CoD

Sunset 16 July, 2014 On the series finale, the Firstborn takes San Francisco hostage... And not everyone will make it out alive!

True Faces 4 July, 2014 As the smoke clears, the team tries to pick up the pieces... But ghosts follow them home.

The Red Room 20 June, 2014 With Tokyo in the grip of panic, Kai squares off against an old friend, while Blaise seeks revenge against the Firstborn...

Sunrise 4 June, 2014 Terror takes Tokyo! Can the team stop the Firstborn and his phantom accomplice before it’s too late?

New episodes were released On Demand for $0.99 USD bi-weekly, and were playable at no cost through the Now Airing section later on. Volume finales cost $1.99 per episode, and were prolonged.


This wiki contains spoilers on episodes and character plots, and might not be appropriate for anyone under 13.

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