Armie Gillum
Armie Gillum
Alias The Ladykiller
Gender Male
Born December 21, 1984
Died December 21, 2011 (Age 27) (Thrust into plane engine by Mal Fallon)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Wife Angie Gillum (Deceased)
Son Andy Gillum

Armie Gillum was known as "The Ladykiller", and was featured as the main antagonist in Volume 7.


Armie Gillum was part of the business community in San Francisco and was the Vice President of Acquisitions at a private equity firm Cain Capital. His killer profile pointed to an incident in his teenage years, when he drowned his date to a masquearde dance on discovering he was being used. He targeted women who failed to make him sufficiently "special", instructed by Genevieve Collins, and pinned his crimes on Oscar Santos.


After a wild chase at an airport when he was attempting to flee the country, he was killed by falling from the rooftop into jet turbine..


  • Armie was married to Angie Gillum, whom he also drowned in their house's bath tub. They also had a son Andy Gillum, who inherited his father's quote "just be yourself, and they'll (she) like you". He was later accompanied by Genevieve Collins to the place where Ashley, the first girlfriend and victim died.
  • It is unknown if Genevieve mentored Armie.