Anna Willis
Anna Willis
Gender Female
Born September 9, 1984 (Age 29)
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Employer S.F.P.D
Rank Officer
Boyfriend Jacob Fallon (deceased lover)

Anna Willis is an officer in the San Francisco Police Department.

Early Life:

Anna Willis was raised in the Bay Area in San Francisco. In high school, she excelled in basketball and was a candidate for a college scholarship until she injured her leg in a car accident. Anna is something of a thrill-seeker and occasionally exhibits reckless conduct.

Background in CoD:

She has been around as a supporting officer since Volume 1. Unbeknownst to her superiors from then up until now, Anna remains loyal to Jacob Fallon and provides him with intelligence on the inner workings of the police department. In Volume 4: Zero, Anna is abducted by serial killer Zero and has a slashed zero carved her forehead. Fortunately, Shawn Mallory killed Zero (even after he surrendered) in front of her -- and Shawn agreed to not tell the cops about Anna's corruption if she wouldn't report the unjustified murder. Following her encounter with Zero, Anna has grown even more unstable and erratic.

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She reports to Jacob (proving her corruption) in V4C3's bonus scene, and seems to be fully loyal to him. In Volume 6, Anna helps Jacob escape from prison by killing Javier Garza in CHP6. Content from the end of Volume 6, Chapter 8 suggests a relationship between the two.

In the bonus scene of Love and War, Part 2, Anna is seen crying over Jacob. She searches for alcohol, but appears to be out. This also suggests a relationship between them, though nothing has been confirmed yet. Also, alot of money was transfered to her from Jacob after his death, likely due to her undying loyalty.

Her role as a supporting officer is shared with Joe Bartaugh and Sam Martinez.

In the bonus scene of Volume 13, Chapter 3, she is revealed to be the 'mole' of the SFPD.