Cause of Death episode
And On The Surface Die
Volume 8, Episode 8
Air date April 2, 2012
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February 13, 2012 - April 2, 2012
  1. Tendrils
  2. Crimes of Passion, Part 1
  3. Crimes of Passion, Part 2
  4. Rising Tides, Part 1
  5. Rising Tides, Part 2
  6. A Day in the Life
  7. In Roaring He Shall Rise
  8. And On The Surface Die
Volume 7: The Ladykiller
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And On The Surface Die is the eighth chapter of Volume 8. It aired on April 2, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


The Kraken has risen, and he has Natara! Can Mal and Blaise save the day?


Detectives Mal Fallon and Blaise Corso are stuck in the same chemical lab with Agent Natara Williams locked out. Fallon glances at the other side of the lab and sees Kolo Zargoza standing at the doorway. Zargoza leaves, slamming the door shut and locking it. A moment later, Fallon and Corso hear a vent click open. Fallon rushes over to the vent and quickly pushes a heavy file cabinet against the vent to slow down the flow of the noxious sarin gas. They both rush to the far end of the room, away from the vent. Corso goes to the sink and wets towels that they can breathe through without breathing in the gas. The two are clueless as to what to do until Fallon decides to call Data analyst Amy Chen, who is back at her apartment, recovering. Chen picks up and Fallon explains the situation to her, then asks her if there is anything she can do. Chen then is wide awake and takes out her laptop. She asks Fallon if there is a computer nearby, which there is, and he rushes to one. She then asks for the computer's IP address but he has no idea what that is so she explains to him how to find it. Fallon follows her instructions and comes up with the IP. Chen enters in the IP and starts hacking the computer with a super-illegal/bootlegged program. As she finishes, she presses the ENTER key and bam. All doors unlock and swing open. Fallon and Corso run out of the lab and up some stairs into a room. They catch their breath their and Fallon realizes that he's still on the phone with Chen. Chen asks them if they're alright and Fallon says yes, thanking her. Chen then says to Fallon that she can see surveillance footage now that she has hacked the system and tells Fallon that Shawn Mallory is The Kraken... And he's got Agent Williams.

Williams is barely conscious and hears a voice saying, "For an eternity, I floated in darkness." She opens her eyes and notices that she's in a room deep under the sewer somewhere lit by candles with an empty table in front of her. If this is Mallory's idea of a last date, then that's just creepy. Williams sees Mallory standing in front of her. He goes on about how being in the water for three minutes after Fallon threw him over Alcatraz into the water should have drowned him, but he didn't. Williams feels her neck and touches the spot where Mallory injected her. He tells her that he drugged her with "Kraken Ink" and pulls up a chair at the table. He explains to her how Genevieve Collins and her agents managed to help him regain strength to live on from the fall for three months. Due to the medical practices and drugs they used on him, he lost his sense of smell and aged quicker. Williams flips the table in front of her at Mallory, who staggers back and falls onto his back. Williams tells him that he's a monster, a weak, broken man. She then gets up and limps towards a door in the back and tries to open it, but it won't budge. Mallory, behind her, gets up with his cane and pops a pill into his mouth. Seems like he is still addicted to painkillers. He tells Williams to sit down with him at the table but she refuses so he warns her that if she doesn't fully cooperate with him, he will release the sarin gas in a crowded area. She finally decides to sit down across from him at the table and Mallory tells her that he wants to play a "game". He tells her that Fallon and Corso are already dead from the sarin gas and that he had carefully planned everything before their visit. Williams head throbs and she feels sick but tries her best to focus. She tells Mallory that this isn't him, that deep inside he is still the good person she knew. Mallory explains to her why he all of a sudden became a bad person, saying that he had an epiphany while he was floating in the water at Alcatraz. He says he became a vigilante to bring real justice to the world but then he realized that even more unfairness exists in the world (not only people who murder others). He goes on and gives several examples of injustice in the world and says that everyone is guilty in some way. Williams tells Mallory that he sounds exactly like Genevieve Collins but he tells her that he is better than she ever can be. He also says that the world is a joke and that he wants to have the last laugh. Williams looks around the room and sees several cultists on the floor, dead. Mallory asks Williams if she's proud of him and said that the cultists he recruited were all from shelter homes, people who were "desperate for order and meaning in their lives", thus easy to manipulate. He leans over, touches Williams's hand but she yanks it back, and says that being free is exhilarating. Williams disagrees, saying that he isn't free since he still has emotions and that the whole Kraken thing is about her from the beginning. She says it's the truth, that he copied her past cases to annoy her, targeted her close friends to take away her support, and then lured her down to the room to have a little confrontation. She has him figured out and says that he wants to make her feel responsible for everything and that he knows that she's better than him... And that he still loves her. Mallory stands up and for a little moment, Williams sees the old Shawn. He asks her if she would ever love him back, even after all of this. Williams just tells him that he needs help but he snaps back, answering his own question by saying she couldn't love him since she has "cast her lot with Fallon". Williams tries to explain but Mallory doesn't let her, telling her that he just wants to get this all over with. He reaches into his coat, takes out Williams's pistol, and puts it on the table in front of Williams. He tells her that whatever happens next is all on her.

Fallon and Corso are still at the room they were at after they left the laboratory and climbed the stairs. Corso blocks the staircase, refusing to let Fallon go downstairs due to the sarin gas. Corso tells him that the bomb squad is on their way but Fallon says he doesn't want to let Williams alone with Mallory and will risk his life to save her. Corso grabs Fallon's shoulders and tells him that he's losing it and that she thinks Mallory is going to release the gas in another place other than the lair. She tells Fallon that she, too, wants to save Williams but as of right now, they can only hope that Williams can handle herself. Fallon admits that Corso is right and she says that Williams is the best Federal Agent and one of the smartest people she has ever met. Fallon puts his phone to his ear and asks if Chen is still there. She says yes, and Fallon asks her if she can figure out where or who Mallory's gas target is. Chen looks on her laptop then says that there are too many options. Fallon tells her that everything Mallory has done involved him and Williams and Chen narrows down her options: a conference on "Religious Intolerance" at the Moscone University library. She tells him that it is just a few miles from where they are right now and is full of scholars and local politicians. Fallon agrees and says it has to be it but Chen tells him that the event's organizer is his ex-wife, Sandra Taggert. He hangs up and turns to Corso, telling her that they have to go.

Williams sits across from Mallory, staring at the pistol on the table. Mallory tells her to pick it up, put it against her head, and pull the trigger. He tells her that if she doesn't do it, he will release the gas into a room of at least 475 people... Her life, or their's. She asks him why he would do such a thing and he says that it's a "test of human nature". He thinks that she is too much of a coward and would let them die, spending the rest of her life feeling guilty. Williams picks up the gun and levels it at him. Mallory takes out a walkie-talkie and tells her that if she shoots him, the gas would still be released since if his operative doesn't hear from him in fifteen minutes, he will release the gas anyway. He asks Williams what her choice is... And she puts the gun on the table. She refuses to play his game and says that the people won't die because Corso and Fallon are going to save them. Again, Mallory tells her that they are dead but Williams gets him by asking him if he personally did it and saw the bodies. She tells Mallory that he put his faith in himself and when he let himself down, he became a monster. Mallory puts his walkie-talkie to his lips and tells the operative to release the gas.

Ten minutes ago, Fallon and Corso have already left to go to the university. They are armed and ready with flak jackets. Fallon tells Corso that they are heading to the library and that they only have one chance to do this. They burst into the doors and into the library, below they see several attendees and Taggert making a speech. Fallon looks around the room and levels and shoots his gun at Kolo Zargoza. The bullet hits Zargoza above the eyebrow and people start screaming and scattering. Taggert stares at Fallon in disbelief. Corso tells everyone that they had just prevented a terrorist attack and that everyone needs to stay calm and evacuate the building. Fallon fires into the ceiling and yells at everyone to go. Everyone scatters out of the emergency exit and Fallon and Corso walk across the empty room. Zargoza is lying on the floor, and on his back is a backpack. Perhaps the bomb or gas is in there. Fallon says that backup will be there in five minutes and that they should get the backpack somewhere safe. Right when the two approach Zargoza, he opens his eyes and gets up. Fallon realizes that his "perfect shot" barely made it. Corso raises her gun but Zargoza whips a pistol out of his jacket and fires it right into Corso's flak jacket. Corso is sent flying into a bookshelf. Zargoza approaches Fallon who kicks his hand, sending his pistol flying out of his hand and across the room. With his other hand, Zargoza grabs Fallon's leg and flips him onto his back. He balls his hand into a fist and pulls it back to punch but Fallon dodges his punch. Zargoza's knuckles bleed from hitting the hard, marble floor instead. Fallon grabs his shoulder where the bandage from his previous battle with Ken Greene is and presses on it with his thumb. Blood comes out from the wound and Zargoza lurches back, letting out a roar. Fallon kicks him in the chest and gets up. Zargoza stands between some bookshelves and looks at Fallon angrily. He then smiles and pulls out a second pistol. Fallon grabs a dictionary and puts it in front of him as a shield right when Zargoza shoots the gun. Luckily, the bullet stops halfway into the dictionary. Zargoza raises his gun again for another shot but Corso runs up from behind him and leaps onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and choking him. Zargoza struggles and thrashes but Corso stays on by putting her arms through the backpack he has on. Fallon sees this as a perfect moment to take advantage of and gets a fire-axe from the wall. Just as he turns back, he sees Zargoza unlatching the backpack and throwing it and Corso to the side. Fallon runs with the axe towards Zargoza. He swings it and it almost misses his chin. Zargoza punches Fallon in the side, breaking one of his ribs and throws another punch, but Fallon dodges it and his fist goes into a bookshelf. Fallon swings the axe again and this time it leaves a gash in Zargoza's arm. He throws several more punches but Fallon dodges all of them. While yelling, Fallon swings the axe at Zargoza's shoulder, blood spraying onto his face. Zargoza doesn't fall back and grabs Fallon's chest, holding him up over his head. He throws Fallon across the room and into a bookshelf. Zargoza smiles and hears his walkie-talkie beep. It's Mallory and he has told him to release the gas. Zargoza looks around the room and sees Corso, who is unconscious, with his backpack. Fallon realizes that he only has one second as Zargoza is distracted. Fallon gets up, grabs the axe, and throws it at Zargoza. It flies through the air and cuts Zargoza's hand off. He sees his hand on the ground with the walkie-talkie and lets out several yells. He then goes up the emergency stairs and disappears. Fallon tries to chase him but his legs refuse. Corso tells Fallon to stay in the library with the backpack while she goes after Zargoza. Go get 'em, Blaise! Fallon pulls himself to Zargoza's severed hand and takes the walkie-talkie from it.

Williams watches as Mallory yells into the walkie-talkie, telling Zargoza to release the gas. (Hehe... instead of releasing The Kraken, he's releasing the gas.) No reply. Then the walkie-talkie makes a cracking noise as Fallon is pressing TALK on the other walkie-talkie. He tells Mallory that Zargoza isn't doing too well and that the gas is in custody of the SFPD. Mallory stares at the walkie-talkie, completely bewildered, and says that it is not possible. Fallon tells him that it is possible and that he's next. Mallory throws the walkie-talkie across the room and Williams smiles.

Corso makes her way up the emergency stairs and follows the trail of blood left by Zargoza. She reaches the top and opens the door, stepping onto the roof. Zargoza is at the far end of the roof, trying to get into a fire escape. Corso aims her gun and puts a bullet in left leg, and another into his right. Zargoza yells and crumples down near the edge of the roof. He holds up his other hand which is intact and says his first sentence since his first appearance, begging Corso to not shoot and that he gives up. She then gets closer to him and he asks her if he gives up now, he would go with the police. Corso says that she thought the cultists liked to kill themselves before going into custody and gets even closer to him. She tells him that he's just a cartel thug-hitman. Zargoza says he gives up, in a questioning voice and Corso asks him what's going to happen next, saying he would probably go to a nice cartel prison in Mexico where his friends will bail him out. She tells him that Fallon would do things by the book, but her, on the other hand, is a lot more complicated. She kicks him in the chest and he topples over the edge of the roof. He falls eight stories down and hits the pavement below. His leg snaps and his right arm falls off. He lays still and then somehow manages to push himself up until.... A giant eighteen-wheeler truck honks and Zargoza looks up to see the blinding headlights. The truck runs over him, beheading him. Corso looks down at the scene and says that he deserved that for killing Ken Greene. She turns around and walks away.

Williams is still sitting at the table. Mallory is pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair, saying that it was impossible for Fallon to have survived everything. He regrets trusting Zargoza. Williams asks him who's laughing now and Mallory replies that she is, accusing her and Fallon of making a fool out of him. Williams tells him that she isn't liking any bit of this situation and that it kills her to see what he has become. Mallory reaches into his coat and pulls out a detonator... His plan B. Williams believes that he is bluffing, saying that if he could have detonated the bomb, he would have, but he did not. The bomb is at a place with liquidized sarin that will be released into the city's water supply. Williams says that the deaths will be on Mallory, not her, and that she had already beat his games and he tells her to shut her mouth. She says that he thinks he outplayed everyone, even Genevieve Collins, but he was wrong; he is only a delusional weakling. She tells Mallory that he is nothing and never will be and that she never loved him. Mallory lunges towards Williams, letting go of his detonator and in that very moment, Williams grabs the pistol on the table and pulls the trigger. The bullet goes right through Mallory's chest. Mallory falls back and Williams says that she did what she had to. Williams kicks the detonator away from him and Mallory says that Williams killed him. She says that she didn't, that he killed himself a long time ago. She grabs the walkie-talkie and asks Fallon if he's still there. Fallon answers and says he's happy to hear her voice. She asks him if everything is okay and he says yes, hearing sirens in the distance. Williams says she is fine and that it's finally over. She looks over at Mallory who is wheezing and looking up at the ceiling.

Half an hour later, Williams arrives at the university. Fallon runs over to her and hugs her. He tells her that he heard what happened with Mallory and she pulls away. She tells him that that wasn't the Shawn Mallory she knew, that it was a broken and brainwashed "child" of Genevieve Collins. She says that she did what she had to and shot him. Fallon says she did the right thing and that the bomb squad found the second sarin container in near the water filtration system. Williams looks down the street and sees the huge truck roped off by yellow police tape. A bloody mess appears on the ground. Fallon tells her that it was the last cultist, or, well, a cartel thug. He says that Corso tried to arrest him on the roof but he decided to take the easy way out and swan-dived eight stories down. (Yeah, right, Blaise...) Williams shakes her head and says that she thinks the world can be terrible. Fallon takes her hand and says that's why good people have to stick together. She smiles at Fallon and tells him that she's glad to have him in her life. He says the same.

Bonus Scene

  • Two days later, Natara Williams sits with Captain Maria Yeong in her office, who is reading over Williams's report on the incident. Captain Yeong says that her shooting Mallory seems justified and that she thinks there shouldn't be any further investigation. Yeong tells Williams that Mallory is currently in a medically-induced coma and that the doctors doubt he will ever wake up. Yeong says that she is able to ask Williams's bosses for some time off but Williams says it's fine and that she would like to continue working. As Williams leaves, she stops and turns around and asks Yeong if she knew that Mallory was still alive, thus keeping her off of the case. Yeong sighs and tells her that they had reports of Mallory surviving the Alcatraz incident and being taken in by the Salazar drug cartel. She also says that there was a man matching Mallory's description in the area and because of all of that, Yeong and Williams's bosses decided to keep her off of the case. Williams is angry and says that if Yeong hadn't done that, she would have been able to save several lives.
  • Genevieve Collins tucks Andy Gillum (Armie Gillum's son) into bed. He asks Collins if she would tell the story of The Kraken again and she says sure. She starts telling the story and asks him if he remembers what a Kraken is. He says yes and Collins continues the story, saying that there was a little squid who didn't want to be a squid, but a Kraken. The little squid's mother said he couldn't be a Kraken but should be the best squid he could. She asks Gillum if the squid listened and he says no.
  • Amy Chen sits in her apartment with a bottle of wine. She hears a knock on the door and hears a familiar voice call to her. It's Kai Kalaba. He says that he knows she is taking some time off but was wondering if she wanted to go out and have a drink since it's Trivia Night at the Drunk Tank. She stares at the door and then flops back down on the couch. Kalaba doesn't get an answer and leaves.
  • At the Drunk Tank, Blaise Corso is spending time with some officers from the SFPD. She tells them of how Mal Fallon cut off Kolo Zargoza's hand. OFficer Sam Martinez laughs and asks if she's joking. Officer Joe Bartaugh says that that was so badass of Fallon. Officer Anna Willis laughs and says she guess it runs in the family. Everyone stares at Willis who starts to drink her beer, then says that the next round of beers will be on her. Bartaugh asks Corso where Fallon is and Corso says she has no idea.
  • Fallon is at the San Francisco Military Graveyard, standing at Ken Greene's grave. He tells Greene that Zargoza is dead and that he didn't kill him, although he wished he did. He apologizes for not doing well at his funeral and says that Greene was his best friend, the best guy he knew, and a real hero... And that he misses him all the time. He says he hopes that Greene is in a better place and that he will see him again someday. He pats the grave and walks away, saying goodbye to Greene.