Alex Kemp
Alex Kemp
Alex Kemp
Gender Male
Employer DARPA
Girlfriend Amy Chen (ex-girlfriend)

Alex Kemp was Amy Chen's boyfriend through college. They broke up when Alex was headhunted by the Department of Advanced Research and Protection Association for his technical genius as a hacker. Alex worked on many white-hat projects for DARPA strengthening the security and protection of national secrets such as Operation Chemotherapy and Operation Hedgehog.


In the side story,  Amy's Case, Alex was prime suspect of the murder of Dr Otto until it was revealed that Alex acted in self-defence while attempting to prevent the passing of dangerous information to an environmental terrorist group. He breaks into Amy's apartment and requests her help to retrieve the information. Acquitted and acclaimed as a national hero with Amy's help, Alex returned to his work with DARPA, permanently ending his relationship with Amy Chen.

He later appears in the short story Love and Bullets to warn Amy about the truth serum Veritox.