Abe Resner
Not much is known about Abe Resner, since he was introduced in a side story, but one thing known for sure is that Abe was a rescue worker in Haiti after the earthquake. He believed he had been cursed when a local voodoo priest told him about 3 signs he would see before death.

Desperate for a way out of the curse, Abe began searching out psychics, from local palm readers & fortune tellers to celebrity psychics. He found 4 psychics that were plausible to be the real thing... Dean Walters, a travelling fortune teller, Madame Firelli, a San Fransisco native & overnight celebrity in the psychic business, Edward Blake, a psychic who does televised readings, & Claire Hart, who can sense thoughts and feelings from peoples' personal possessions.

However, Resner found out these 'psychics' were all just frauds looking to cash in on an old trick. He drowned Dean, shot Madame Firelli, & threw Edward Blake out a ninth-story window. The victims' bodies were left resembling tarot cards in their possession. Thus, Abe earned the nickname The Tarot Card Killer. Getting desperate, Abe confronted Claire in her home to see if she was the real deal. Claire's ability is different than most other psychics, so she couldn't guess the tarot card. Abe was about to kill Claire when FBI Agent Natara Williams burst in & claimed she was the psychic, not Claire. She profiled Abe, claiming she was 'reading' him. When Claire's wooden globe was knocked off the shelf, Abe had a panic attack, claiming that was the 3rd sign leading to his death... 'The World will shatter to splinters'. Natara saved Abe from being killed by Detective Mal Fallon. At the end of the episode In the Cards: Part 2, Abe is talking & laughing hysterically, shouting that he had bested the voodoo priest's curse.